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Peace of Mind

Our minds are a beautiful, problem-solving resource with incredible powers. Also our minds can be adrift and subject to the whims of any thoughts, beliefs, desires or emotions that happen to pass through. But did you know that our natural state of our mind is peaceful and calm?

If so, then how can we embody more peace and less chaos? How can we experience less anxiety and more calm? How do we achieve all that without bypassing our way out of emotional stress and anxiety?

We all view life through a set of filters. Filters that were created from early in our development and onward. No doubt, many of these filters help us to make sense of life and help us to feel safe and secure in an often confusing, chaotic world. The problem is, when we're on auto-pilot, reacting to, choosing from and being unconsciously identified with these filters, we might be making choices (big and small) that do not reflect our actual values or standards for ourselves. How do I know? I was there for most of my life.

By understanding the origin and the true nature of our thoughts/feelings/emotions and holding them with a compassionate and loving awareness, we can then pause and choose something better aligned with the best version of ourselves.

Now, instead of reacting to the stimulations of life, we are responding - consciously and intentionally. This is the key to our freedom and back to harmonic homeostasis within the mind. And this is where any type of contemplative practice can be extremely helpful in separating ourselves from the thinking mind, suddenly we become the observer of our thoughts and the endless mind chatter within. This is so simple (the best things usually are) and yet, people would rather take a pill or numb themselves with a substance, or distract themselves with nonsense, than quietly observe and explore what's going on in their mind. I get it - the prospect of digging around in that disaster soup, can be daunting!

Once we realize we are actually not captive prisoners to our inner thinking, reactions, moods and destructive habits, our entire world (inner and outer) can shift. We can decide consciously how we want to feel and what we want to believe or let go of. Most importantly, we have the ability to choose again, to choose better and to bring a loving, self-awareness to our inner world.

We've always had this ability. And the way the world is shaking out to be, it looks to me, like it's nothing short of a superpower.

Thank you for taking the time. xx

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