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Lonely or Alone?

Updated: Jan 16

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”

Feeling lonely - an emotional state that holds an important message for us to investigate - especially if it comes up a lot.

Being alone - an emotionally neutral status that simply says what is happening in this moment.

At any given moment, we're either alone or with other beings.

There is no good or bad to being alone - we project our own meaning onto the appearance of being alone based on our conditioning, traumas, attachment styles and values. To some being alone is pure torture. To others, it's pure bliss. Then some smarty comes along and says, "yeah but Carolyn, studies show we're more healthy when we're connected to others." It's true - they do say that. However, what I think we forget is that we already ARE connected - we don't need to seek/crave/grasp at connection. I believe it's the stories we tell ourselves about how we aren't connected, and how we judge ourselves and others for a lack of connection/interaction that's doing more harm to our wellbeing than simply being neutral about what's happening in any given moment of our day.

Either way - as Hafiz states so beautifully, you are that being of light (sounds so woo, right, but it's simply a poetic way of expressing the science of you - of humans. No magic here - just elegant math - do your homework).

Anyway, YOU as this "light being," or expression of consciousness as I like to say, are beyond all thought, conditioning, limiting beliefs and stories or even the history that you tell yourself about who you are in this world. Want to experience what I mean? Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, exhaling slowly - and try to touch into a felt sense of what you are beyond all those thoughts, ideas, beliefs and noise - and simply tune into the spaciousness that is between everything you perceive with your 5 senses. Feel yourself melting into this awareness of space...stay here for a few seconds more ...Annnnnnd hey, you've just meditated.

So much love...(and light!) xx Carolyn

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