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That moment you realize - YOU are the one you've been waiting for...

As one of my favorite teachers, Peter Levine, says:

"Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathic witness.”...

In this process, YOU will become your own empathic witness.

To simplify this process, I've created a series of steps called the Emotional Freedom Process, that contain guided, self-hypnosis meditations as well as a series of self-discovery exercises. Used with repetition over time, these simple tools help to rewire our subconscious beliefs and patterns, allowing us to break free from the grip of destructive habits, limiting beliefs, anxiety and low self-worth in a very powerful and lasting way. 

By bringing our own light and awareness to these deeply hidden aspects of our psyche, we begin a process of understanding their origin and can begin to heal. With acceptance, unconditional love and compassion to those abandoned aspects of ourselves, do we, in time, begin to realize that the emotions we have work so hard to avoid and escape, the ones we also judge ourselves so harshly for, are actually the gateway to receiving everything we ever longed for.


I wish I had found something like this sooner and it's my greatest honor to share this process with you. Please join me by beginning your own inner Alchemy of Light. I'll be here with you every step of the way.  


Who is this work for?

If you're like me and you feel like you've tried it all - especially in the spiritual realm, this could be the missing piece of the puzzle. 


While there's nothing wrong with all the possible spiritual modalities and emotional therapies available to us today, they often fail to address the inner reaches of our disowned psyche. Without this specific type of inner alignment, many of our beloved spiritual practices  can work  against us, deepening our shadow even further, keeping us locked in a loop of self- defeating patterns that never seem to truly heal. There aren't enough drumming circles, sound baths or affirmations in the universe to give our disowned aspects the love they need and require. The only way forward in the case of trauma or wounding is to  immerse these lost parts of us in the light of our own love, acceptance and awareness, where we become whole once more. Where we once again find the joy of our innocence and cultivate a boundless lasting peace and relaxation with the world around us. This is when we truly unlock our greatest potential. To me, this is the truest form of spirituality.

This Emotional Freedom Process

 is for you if...

  • You find yourself in negative repeating patterns in relationships 

  • You find yourself in repeating patterns with issues such as substance abuse, money, sex, or food.

  • You are easily triggered, but don't understand why

  • You act out in periodic fits of anger and resentment

  • You feel fearful and/or resist any sort of change

  • You have noticed your own codependent patterns in relationships.

  • You had a parents who were a narcissist and codependent couple.


This is the greatest, most important inner journey you will ever embark on. The good news is, you're not alone. I'll be here with you every step of the way for as little or as much help as you need to get yourself to the other side.


You can also join other Deep Divers in a Facebook Group where you can share and compare notes with each other and help each other through the process. 

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